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Skype HeaderSkype is one of the world’s most widely utilized software programs. With variant capabilities packaged inside on single program, skype has quickly grown in to become a preferred choice amongst many internet users.

Apart from the huge array of services that Skype offers (Video Calling, SMS, Phone Numbers, Instant messaging), it is also known for having an enormous range of interesting emoticons.

All of the Skype icons are animated and a lot of thought has been put into place to ensure that these icons cover a majority of Human emotions.

The question however remains – Have you seen all of them?

Almost everyone that uses any form of Instant Messaging Program, knows how to make a Smiley face but do you have any idea on how to give the middle finger? Well, for starters, it’s as simple as writing the word “finger” in between parenthesis.

Skype also allows you, the user to create flags of over 260 countries. These flags can either be posted online in your chats, in group chats, in your status message or even your profile.

These emoticons are always updated from time to time and we ensure you that we will be making a special effort to make sure that we keep this website updated.

Thank you.

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